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Plane and Helicopters in GTA Online New Update

Plane and Helicopters in GTA Online New Update
GTA Online is no new game, as it is the one appealed by all as of now. Recently, the new feature came out, that made people run out of excitement. This week, the updates added were Bombushka Run and few other changes. This mode specifically allows you to build a group of four, and take over the skies. GTA Online New Update You can choose anyone to be as you wish. You can be either helicopter bomber or aircraft pilot. One team will try to be on air while another seeks to put you down. And the team will be vice versa in next round. The game ends when the longest survivor is decided. If you want this game, you can buy if from Warstock only if you have cash. And if you want GTA Online in your hand online, you can get 25 percent discount for a week. And also, there is ...


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